Skolska 6, 22221 Lacarak, Serbia




Ranego services


Ranego organize for you:
  • weddings
  • coming of age
  • prom nights
  • baptism
  • union and corporate lunches and dinners
  • as well as all other kinds of celebrations

We have a professional photographer

    Top organization achieve that you indicate your trust that we have from the beginning to the end we organize celebrations and the most important moments of life, after which we come to a common result is that RANEGO complete your pleasure and your impressions last forever.

The place where it is impossible not to surrender to the experience

We have a concept backed by a team of professionals whose main purpose that our visitors leave satisfied with very positive impressions and that time spent with us will leave an indelible mark in the days that we think are important in life.

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The area in which open all the senses, a place from which you come out smiling!

When choosing a room, carefully but sometimes long for him to decide. Therefore RANEGO offers a blend of good design and functional space in which every detail is organized to make you happy. Always we boast the latest technological solutions in the process of developing our facility, but what on which we are particularly proud of is the new Ranego style, which will definitely make your stay a memorable celebration.

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