Skolska 6, 22221 Lacarak, Serbia


Skolska 6, 22221 Lacarak, Serbia

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Ranego Lacarak

About us

Ceremonial Hall "Ranego" is a facility equipped according to modern hospitality standards. Car parking with 200 parking places, honeymoon suite, friendly and dedicated staff of the highest quality with the organization of your celebrations, which always do our best to stay in a special memory.

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parking places




Ranego is equipped with the latest LED lighting system and air conditioning, will give you ambiance entering the magical world RANEGO. Superbly designed and equipped atmosphere combined with friendly and highly professional staff, contribute to your celebration remains absolutely remembered a beautiful impressions to be remembered for a lifetime.


Unique designed

equipped with the latest system LED RGB lighting to complement your experience, the most effective ventalacionim and air conditioning solutions, as well as adjusting the temperature to your liking.

Ranego apartman
Ranego apartman



Youthful apartment is equipped bathroom in which there is a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub and shower with hydromassage, air conditioning, LCD TV, mini-bar and a comfortable double bed.

Ranego parking
Ranego parking


with over 200 parking places

We can not help but boast spacious parking that accommodates 200 seats destined for the cars. Parking is located within the Ranego facility and provided with modern video surveillance.


Ogranization of celebration

Experience unforgettable moments in the world RANEGO

When choosing a room, carefully but sometimes long for him to decide. Therefore RANEGO offers a blend of good design and functional space in which every detail is organized to make you happy. Always we boast the latest technological solutions in the process of developing our facility, but what on which we are particularly proud of is the new RANEGO style, which will definitely make your stay a memorable celebration.